“The best makeup is your smile. There is no beauty like the one that comes from inside of you.” “Every tooth in a man's head is more valuable than a diamond.”


It doesn’t matter how old you are if you desire to have straight teeth. Properly aligned teeth make your smile look beautiful and it helps your tongue, muscles, and jaws function correctly. Inappropriate alignment of teeth can result in tooth decay and gum disease. My Dentist Multispeciality Dental Centre offers comprehensive orthodontic treatments for adults and children.

Porcelain crowns may be used to cover a single dark tooth but in most cases it is used during complete smile makeovers. At the My Dentist Multispeciality Dental Centre our smile makeovers start in the consultation room where we find out what clients don't like about their teeth and what type of smile is required. “Mock design” is then used to design the smile and to fine tune the required tooth shapes and colour to the client's wishes.

Porcelain crowns are then fitted as intended over the next two sittings. During the first appointment damaged, broken down and decayed teeth are treated first. The teeth are then prepared for further treatments. Some of processes involve trimming a thin layer around the tooth to create room for the crown. The next step involves taking impressions to make temporary crowns.

Temporary crowns give our patients a chance to try their intended smile design before the permanent crowns are prepared. This also gives our dentist an opportunity to make any adjustments or changes to the temporaries before making the permanent crowns. At My Dentist Multispeciality Dental Centre every crown is made using this method.

My Dentist Multispeciality Dental Centre uses pain-free anaesthetic techniques for every dental procedure.

During the second sitting Porcelain Crowns are fixed and fitted. Every crown is fixed using a multi-layer bonding system to strengthen the bond between the crown and the tooth with supreme strength. After this the crown is bite checked and polished before they are shown to our patients.

Our patients are called for checkups over the next few days to make sure everything feels fine.